The Pratt Pavilion for Rehab and Healing at Glengariff Healthcare Center

Project category: Remodel/Renovation (completed March 2011)
Chief administrator: Sanjay Ahuja, Chief Executive Officer, (516)
Firm: Ad Lib Unlimited, (718) 382-0900
Design team: John W. Baumgarten, Lead Architect (John W.
Baumgarten Architect, P.C.); Helene Marcus, Lead Designer
(HMD Interior Design); Contracting (Nicor Construction Inc.)
Photography: ©2011 F. Charles Photography; ©2011 Ruth Weiss
Total building area (sq. ft.): 42,885
Construction cost/sq. ft.: $93
Total construction cost (excluding land): $4,000,000

When Dr. Surinder M. Ahuja, MD, MRCP, purchased Glengariff Healthcare in 2008, he was determined to create a campus that would become a haven for cutting-edge medicine and luxury. The family’s mission was to integrate Ahuja’s wholehearted approach of “patient-centered care” and attract a younger and healthier population in need of short-term rehabilitation

Pratt was distinctly unique because it had a history, personality, and a
magnificent design of its own. Design decisions for this project were influenced by the challenge of converting a late-1800s mansion, with its many fabulous architectural details, into a modern and practical rehabilitation facility. It was imperative to create a contemporary and uplifting 21st century facility while retaining the old architectural features.

The many hidden details of the preexisting mechanical and structural elements made the project an ever-evolving challenge for the architectural, construction, and design teams. Responding to structural conditions that kept surfacing, the team found themselves modifying design solutions in real time. Their mission from an aesthetic point of view was to realize Pratt as “the shining light of rehabilitation facilities in the New York/Long Island Metropolitan area”—a rehabilitation facility that would bring healing and pleasure to patients and their families for many years to come.

Ahuja believes it is incumbent to introduce a real sense of empowerment to patients who embark on a rehabilitation regimen subsequent to surgery. The prospect of moving from the hospital to a rehab facility may seem daunting and overwhelming. It can inhibit patients from making the right decisions even though they know that more intensive rehabilitation is likely to occur. Patients will be eager to embrace rehabilitation when presented with the pictures of Pratt’s concierge and spa-like interiors. By creating a welcoming and upscale environment, patients elect to come to the facility because they see it as a truly beautiful and rehabilitative oasis.

When walking through the corridors, visitors will see patients who are positive and energetic. Proactive and appreciative of the art, plants, aquarium, and high-tech accoutrements, they remark at how the comfortable room colors and furnishings help them relax after a busy day of serious rehabilitation. The new Pratt Pavilion synthesizes proud history, architectural design, and a family’s passion to deliver the highest caliber rehab experience in an extraordinary setting.